LMS WordPress Plugin Comparison: Courseware vs LearnPress

In my previous post, i did introduce you the LMS WordPress Plugin – LearnPress. However in order to help you understand more about LMS WordPress Plugin and to help you have more choices, today i am going to make a further LMS WordPress plugin comparison between: Courseware by Fly Plugin – building and selling online courses with WordPress and LearnPress by ThimPress – an easy to use learning management system.

Overview of Courseware and LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin:

First of all, let see similar things and different things between these two lms wordpress plugins in the table below:

Features Courseware LearnPress
Unlimited Courses Yes Yes
Multimedia lessons Yes Yes
Unlimited quizzes/ questions Yes Yes
Compatible with any theme Yes Yes
Email notification Yes Yes
Create certificate Yes Yes
Statistics No Yes
Forum Yes Yes
Support 1 year whole life
Charge        99$ for 2 site license Yes
Add-ons Premise, Memberpress, Membersonic, Wishlist, s2 Member, Member Mouse, Magice Members, Paid Memberships Pro, WP achievements, Exchange, Easy Digital Downloads, Woocommerce Wishlist, Course Review, Import/Export, Prerequidites Courses, bbPress Intergration, BuddyPress Intergration, Certificates add-on, Collections add-on, Stripe Payment method, WooCommerce.
 Develop add-ons  No  Yes

In my post, i am not going to repeat general information of each LMS WordPress plugin such as: how courses, modules, lessons/ units, quizzes, questions, certificate are created since these things are covered in documentation or tutorial video. My intention is just give out the comparison.

Courseware LMS WordPress Plugin

In Courseware LMS WordPress Plugin, courses, lessons, topics and assignments are built as different post types and so if you’re looking at lessons, you can see lessons that are only in a specific course. No need for you to have all look of them.

Courseware lms wordpress plugin

There are 4 types of quizzes in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin: multiple choice, true or false, open-ended and file uploaded.  You can use course progress blocking or non-blocking quizzes depending on your demand. In the meanwhile, currently LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is supporting only three types of quizz: multiple choice, single choice and true or false. As the announced planning, ThimPress is developing 2 other types of quizz:  sorting choice and fill in blank which will be released soon. Then wait and see what is coming?

A plus point for Courseware LMS WordPress plugin is the focus on membership add-ons such as Memberpress, Membersonic, s2 Member, Member Mouse, Magice Members, Paid Memberships Pro. With the role of s2 Member add-on, access permissions will be automatically added to every post in order to keep class materials in confidential. For LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, anyone outside can easily take out class materials. And the payment methods of LearnPress is also not as variant as Courseware LMS WordPress plugin because there is no Paid Memberships Pro add-on in LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin.

WP Courseware   WordPress Learning Management System

An extra feature of Courseware LMS WordPress plugin which is not available in LearnPress is course outline. That means the visitors can view some outline courses by registering or enrolling. You can create a course outline or course progress page via shortcode. The course progress shortcode is dynamic and displays the courses your students are enrolled in while displaying their current progress.

courseware-outline course

 LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin

Similary to Courseware LMS WordPress plugin, courses, lessons, quizzes, questions and certificates in LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin are separated Custom Post Types. However, i recognized that course creation in LearnPress seems to be easier than in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin. All the course settings of LearnPress is in one-page-interface and you can easily reorder the course curriculum part by drag & drop manager, in the meanwhile you have to follow several steps to configure courses in CourseWare. Anyway, as a result you can configure deeply for courses of CourseWare LMS WordPress plugin.

The screenshot shows all the course settings of LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is in one-page-interface

LearnPress wordpress lms plugin- curriculum & settings

The screenshot shows several settings must be followed in Courseware LMS WordPress plugin:

courseware lms wordpress plugin


courseware lms wordpress plugin- access

More than that, LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is an add-on-oriented- plugin which means LearnPress only focuses on the most important features or functions of the plugin as a learning management system and other additional features will be in roles of add-ons. This outstanding difference makes LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin be a lightweight core and load faster than CourseWare. Beside that, as a developer, you also can build your own add-ons if you need for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin

LearnPress- Add-ons

Another plus point for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin is the appearance of UX and UI in the backend which would be much more convenient for the instructor to create and manage courses. You also can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it. All lessons are controlled in Course which makes easier to edit or remove a lesson.

learnpress wordpress lms plugin feature

On the other hand, for LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, the front end layout of pages such as course, lesson, quiz…is separated into template parts. Therefore, when the user wants to edit any part, she/he can easily copy one file in the template of LearnPress and then create an equivalent file with same name and same path in LearnPress folder installed in any theme and to customize theme as expected. However, Courseware LMS WordPress plugin is a complete plugin and is not separated with theme, therefore it seems to be difficult to change templates.

Last but not least, when you are planning to purchase any product, i am so sure that apart from quality, the price and support policy are also your consideration. LearnPress is a free LMS WordPress plugin but it offers a continous development and whole-life support. Woa! i do not know what are you thinking but i am deeply impressed of that.


Above is my comparison between Couseware and LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin, depending on your using purposes you can select one of two LMS WordPress plugins for your learning management system. Courseware LMS WordPress plugin has longer history and it has been used by universities, famous brand names such as Miami university, Emory University, Sheraton, Lexis Nexis… while LearnPress LMS WordPress plugin has been newly built some weeks ago. It is suitable for internal training system of companies, for selling free or premium online courses and for course markets such as Udemy, Coursera, Edx, …

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LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin

WordPress LMS plugin for your courses- LearnPress

“WordPress LMS plugin” Google search with more than 300,000 results is a clear proof to show the new trend of eLearning currently which offers teachers and learners a lot of benefits. In WordPress directories, it is not difficult for you to find a learning management system. However, you have to pay a certain of amount to own it. In this blog, it is our glad to present you LearnPress – a WordPress LMS plugin  developed by ThimPress and distributing as GNU/GPL freely to the WordPress Community. This learning management system gives you outstanding tools for your eLearning courses but cost you no single dollar.

LearnPress, a WordPress LMS plugin, excellently compatible with your themes

The LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin is a features-packed LMS plugin for WordPress that should work with any theme, including WordPress Multisites. This WordPress LMS plugin  helps  its features to blend in with the rest of the core WordPress functionality. It is easy to pick up and get started with this plugin.  As you might expect, LearnPress also integrates with the WooCommerce plugin, giving you a powerful set of tools for selling access to your online courses.

LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin – Outstanding features

In LearnPress you have separate Custom Post Types: Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, Questions and Certificates.

The editing area for entering Course and Lesson content looks exactly like the regular WordPress editing screen, with almost all the same controls, including Featured Image.

learnpress wordpress lms plugin feature

An outstanding feature that different from other as our Elearning WordPress plugins comparison is course management ability. Each course curriculum can be made with lessons & quizzes which can be managed with easy-to-use user interface, we really made it for lazy people. This WordPress LMS plugin provides an excellent user interface to create a course with options you need. You can find it easy to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it. All lessons are controlled in Course. This makes easier to edit or remove a lesson in the course. Course comes with  drag-and-drop re-ordering lessons. Course can have its own set of requisites that must be completed before the students can move to the next step in their learning journey. Teacher can limit the number of student taking part in the course, how many times the users can re-take this course and each course can have different certificates designed for it.

Although quiz and lesson are created separately from a different menu, you can select from a drop down list what Quiz to add to course by clicking  or creating more new lessons or quizzes.

LearnPress wordpress lms plugin- curriculum & settings


You can also export course and import to another website which also is using LearnPress. We will provide the feature which allows you to import course from other WordPress LMS plugins soon.

This WordPress LMS plugin is free but it still allows you to sell your created courses with support of many billing methods such as PayPal, Woocommerce, Stripe, etc.

A lesson is an essential part of a course. It contains knowledge in a specific topic which teacher desires to teach students. A lesson can be text, video or audio. You just simply copy and paste the link of video to lesson content to show.

Lessons have option to estimate how much time you think students need to study that lesson. LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin also allows students preview a lesson without taking the lesson.


learnpress lesson

Questions and  Quizzes can require the following types of answers: Single choice, Multiple choice, True or  False. Although they have confusing names and are even more confusing to set up, they are actually common question types that we are used to.

Quizzes can have intro text (such as instructions) as well text to be displayed after results are shown. Quiz questions use an editing box that is similar to the Post and Page editor, where you can enter formatted text, links, images and other files. In Quiz setting, you can set duration for each quiz, how many times students can re-take quiz, show or not show the result of quiz.

learnpress quiz question

Certificates can use a default template or you can design a certificate that comes with the extension of the content.

learnpress certificate

Enjoyable communication forum with full of fun

BuddyPress is a plugin to help you run any kind of social network on your WordPress with member profiles, activity streams, user group, messaging…With the application of BuddyPress in our LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin, you can communicate with your students or instructor via eLearning WordPress forum where all members can share their knowledge, understanding, inquiries…



LearnPress- communication forum


Learning now is not only for your studying but also to make friends and have fun. This tool improves engagement and knowledge absorption of the learners, they even do not recognize that they are getting information because they are busying with enjoying fun.

LearnPress- Forum


Incredibly powerful unlimited add-ons

With a bunch of add-ons such as: bbPress, Courses Collection, Course review, Export/Import, Certificate so on and so on, LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin brings extra powerful  features to you. More than that, LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin is an open source project therefore, you can create and develop an your own add-on for LearnPress

LearnPress- Add-ons

Free WordPress LMS plugin but continuously supported and developed

Our ambition in this WordPress LMS plugin is to bring universalization of education to all over the world and the education should be free in order for everyone to reach it.  Therefore, LearnPress WordPress LMS Plugin is freely built as a tool for you to create course and share it. We’ll continue developing it as long as we can and make it better and better.

LearnPress- all is possible

If you are looking for a free WordPress LMS plugin that supports a number of useful integrations to seamlessly add even more functionality for creating your online learning system, LearnPress gives you the ability to do so. I believe that our LearnPress will become one of the best WordPress LMS plugins soon or later. Try and let us know your experiences with LearnPress.



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LMS Gamification

Benefits of LMS gamification

Switching back my memory at the school time, the teacher was dominant in the class, gave lectures, raised questions and then answered. The students listened, took note, not many activities and almost no motivation. Time is flying. Currently, the class or learning management system (LMS) is designed with different methods. Gamification is becoming increasingly effective in learning management system because of its benefits and advantages. LMS gamification is a wide range of aspects but in this blog, I will show you the benefits of gamification in learning management system

I. LMS gamification- definition:

According to Wikipedia, “Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users’ contributions. Gamification has been studied and applied in several domains, with some of the main purposes being to engage (improve user engagement,  physical exercise, return on investment flow, data quality, timeliness), teach (in classrooms, the public or at work), entertain (enjoyment, fan loyalty), measure (for recruiting and employee evaluation), and to improve the perceived ease of use of information systems. A review of research on gamification shows that a majority of studies on gamification find positive effects from gamification”.

II. Benefits of LMS gamification

In order to understand  benefits of LMS gamification, I will under list how game elements (gamification techniques) are applied in learning management system and which benefits will they bring to the Elearning learners.

1. LMS gamification- improving knowledge absorption and understanding of students

Old teaching method brought students plenty of theory but they did not know how to apply in the real life since they could not put their roles in those theory. Meanwhile, the Elearning learners could be part of a narrative (so- called interactive fiction) in LMS gamification where they can stimulate environments, play their roles in issues, situations. From these absorbed experiences, they can handle their real problems easier which they might face in daily activities. On the other hand, LMS gamification is applying the technique of  progressing to different level. It means that the Elearning learners will go steps by steps in learning management system. They themselves have to investigate courses and lessons and then naturally, knowledge will be absorbed. It is a fact that learners recall just 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear. If there are visuals accompanying an oral presentation, the number rises to 30%, and if they observe someone carrying an action while explaining it, 50% but leaners remember 90% if they do the job themselves even if only as a simulation.

2. LMS gamification- creating challenges

The score system gamification technique is being used effectively in LMS gamification because the Elearning learners will clearly recognize where are they standing in the course. Beside that leaderboard gamification technique (introduce a sense of competition)  is also a smart technique of LMS gamification. What shall you do if you know that you are the last person in the point system and you are standing behind other learners in one course? Definitely you will move forwards to investigate or study the course harder to improve your position in the score list and then challenges are created among learners in LMS gamification. It is researched that almost Elearning learners would be more engaged and challenged with an eLearning application if there is score system available.

3. LMS gamification- Increasing learners engagement

Gamification in learning management system can help eLearning teacher/ instructor to improving their learners engagement with mission and gift or award gamification technique that fully engage their learners. Gamification holds their attention and motivates them, given that they are dealing with missions to reach a goal. When Elearning learners feel positive about their learning process and know that they are going to be accomplished and rewarded in some ways for their efforts, then they will be no longer passive observers and turn into active participants. They even do not recognize that they are absorbing knowledge. By doing so, they are able to effectively get the information and bring it to the long-term memory, because the knowledge itself is linked to the favorable experience you’ve provided through gamification in eLearning.

4. LMS gamification- bringing an interesting learning environment

Game is designed with continuous movements, actions and missions and as a result, players could not take their eyes off the game. It is also similar with LMS gamification in eLearning which is created with plenty of activities. The Elearning learners will feel interesting to study because they can overcome, conquer missions. They almost have no stress since they are busying with entertaining fun.


Now you have understood benefits of LMS gamification. Learning will be the most effective if it is like a game. Why don’t you think about building gamification WordPress LMS plugins or themes for your customers.

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E-learning WordPress Plugins Comparision

WordPress is an amazing platform to run an online course. It offers everything you need to teach and sell online courses. In order to make your site as an LMS theme, you need to add plugins to give your e-course the functionality that students need to learn online and teachers need to teach online.

Below are two popular premium E-learning WordPress plugins you should consider if you’re thinking about using WordPress as the eLearning platform to help you deliver your eCourses.

1. LearnDash – one of top e-learning WordPress plugins

LearnDash is an e-learning plugin for WordPress that adds all the features to your website necessary to build an online learning management system.

popular e-learning wordpress plugins

The learning material are included: courses, lessons and lesson topics. Courses and lessons can have their own prerequisites to manage the progression of students from one level to the next.

Among the e-learning WordPress plugins, LearnDash is the best option when you want to run a business using online coures. This e-learning plugin allows  the creation of an unlimited number of courses, lessons and topics. You also have the usual quiz options too, and can use these to block progress on the course based on pass scores. You can create completion certificates too. You can also create pre-requisite courses. An extra addition is that you can require students to upload assignments that you then need to approve before they can progress further.

An example of topic quiz
An example of topic quiz

LearnDash also gives you the ability to drip-feed your lesson content. This allows you to set content to be released on a certain time scale, instead of just through course progression and quizzes.

If you want to earn money from your website and online courses, LearnDash give you many options, including selling access for a one-time fee, or charging users a subscription fee. PayPal, 2CheckOut, and JigoShop are the supported payment gateways for handling the online financial transactions.

Like other e-learning WordPress plugins, LearnDash works well with any WordPress theme and you can customize the look and feel to match your site.

2. Sensei – a good choice in e-learning WordPress plugins

Sensei is also the best choice if you just want to sell your courses as products rather than as part of a membership site.

e-learning wordpress plugins

With this plugin installed on your website you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Like LearnDash, you can also create pre-requisite courses.

The Sensei LMS plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress, helping its features to blend in with the rest of the core WordPress functionality. This makes it easy to pick up and get started with this plugin.

You don’t need a membership plugin to use Sensei, and the registration for courses is quick and easy. However, you need to install the Woocommerce plugin (free) as well as Sensei in order to set up payments and access to your products. So, as well as setting up your course in the Sensei settings, you will also need to set up Woocommerce, integrate your payment provider and create your course as a product.

If you’ve had experience of any of these e-learning WordPress plugins or have a question then I’d love to hear from you, put your thoughts below!

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WordPress LMS Themes Review

If you are looking for a professional e-learning and course management system, this post will give you ideas about two popular WordPress LMS themes currently on the market. They’re not only themes that you can download and install on your websites, but they are solutions to handle all  requirements and problems that teacher and students are facing during their usage of education site.

1. WPLMS – The best one in WordPress LMS Themes

WPLMS Learning Management System is a comprehensive WordPress LMS theme developed by VibeThemes and for sale on ThemeForest. This awesome LMS theme is a complete academic and educational framework for managing courses, tests, evaluations, statistics and so much more. This is one of perfect premium WordPress LMS themes for schools, educational institutions, or certification programs.

One of powerful WordPress LMS themes
A powerful WordPress LMS theme

WPLMS utilizes the power and flexibility of WordPress in combination with BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce and 7 specifically built custom plugins to create a powerful learning management system that provides a complete online learning experience.

A great feature of this LMS theme is the user profiles. Students can create their own profiles to then register for courses, participate in the bbPress forums, or take part in the BuddyPress social network. Teachers, however, have an even more powerful user dashboard. Included with the theme is an instructor dashboard that allows instructors to track commissions, view course statistic, send messages and more.

feature of WPLMS - one of popular wordpress lms themes


A separate student dashboard provides the user an overview of course progress, quiz and assignment stats, and a contact system to easily get in touch with  instructors and friends.

feature of WPLMS - one of popular wordpress lms themes

Another notable features of WPLMS: front end course creation, courses directory page, course curriculum and course timeline, quizzes, statistics, shop, certificate customizer, support for audio and video, lots of custom widgets, live theme customizer, advanced options panel, a retina ready responsive design and much more.

What are people saying about this WordPress LMS theme?

My opinion: This is maybe one of the best WordPress LMS themes currently on the market. The design, layout and integrations when put together providing the user a remarkable experience and a complete learning management system. Besides, the WPLMS theme has an active support team which resolves issues quickly, clearly and concisely. Users have an option to get their queries solved either on the themeforest comment section or on the vibethemes support forum.

2. Academy – one of the powerful WordPress LMS Themes

Academy Learning Management Theme is one of professional and modern WordPress LMS themes, built for selling and sharing your knowledge online. It has everything you need to add online courses, manage questions, and sell premium courses to your visitors.


one of professional wordpress lms themes

Academy has a clean design and a number of tools for you to start selling your own knowledge online. It has extended user profiles, rating system, course tracking, and support for WooCommerce which is a famous plugin for eCommerce website and helps you manage orders, purchases and keep track of your sales.

Academy layoutThe layout of Academy makes it  sleek and prominent. The content in this theme is neatly arranged and clearly organized to catch eyes, while leaving some blanks to make the site clear and fresh. The theme homepage has a lot of widget-ready areas with various widgets. You can pick some and add to your page, making it more informative and inviting, like “Top courses”, “Top experts”, “Testimonials”…

The Academy theme also has powerful options pane that allows you to fully change fonts, colours, backgrounds, slider settings, switch between page layouts, create sidebars, edit contact form fields and more.

What are people saying about this premium LMS theme?

My opinion: Academy theme brings many more features to help enhance the functionality of your online educational presence.  This is a potential theme for educational websites introducing teaching services. It may come up to your expectation for a fascinating theme. Try it!

Both these WordPress LMS themes help you organize online courses quickly and easily, but they brings different experiences. Let’s try and share with us :)

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WPLMS – A powerful WordPress LMS Theme

Marketed by developers as the most advanced learning management system for WordPress, WPLMS Learning Management System is a WordPress LMS theme for e-learning and course management. This is an LMS theme with so many features and combines the power of WordPress with numerous third party plugins for a complete LMS that allows you to create and sell your online courses.


WPLMS - Most powerful WordPress LMS theme

The WPLMS learning management system gives you and your members all the power of WordPress, BuddyPress, BBPress, and WooCommerce functions. You can turn your simple blog or website to an advanced system that you have never tried before.

WPLMS WordPress LMS theme features

Teachers can create courses and quizzes for students

When WPLMS comes to creating the courses, this LMS theme allows you to build and edit them through the front end of the website, save your users the trouble of navigating the WordPress admin back end areas. This not only makes a site built with this theme easy to use, but also creates a consistent user experience throughout your website.

wplms lms theme feature


With this professional WordPress LMS theme, you can create courses and even sell them if you want, your students will get all functions they need to learn and evaluate themselves. At the same time, they get detailed questions and answers. The quiz is the best way to evaluate  knowledge of your students.

wplms lms theme feature
A course is created by WPLMS LMS theme
Detail question and answer
Detailed question and answer

Create your custom learning store

A full system that lets you build stores and sell courses will be gotten from this best WordPress LMS theme . By a few clicks, you can add any type of store you want. At the same time, you can create a store with single or multiple courses, and set the membership level who can access that store and buy from it.

Customization options

To make your WordPress online learning theme amazing, you get many advanced animation options. In CSS format only you get up to 15 different animations, your LMS theme includes a ready translation  system. If you need to teach and communicate in different languages with your students, just get all of that installed in your WordPress e-learning theme, by default.

You can use your own custom widget through the system, all the popular social networks icons, and widgets are included and ready to use in your website sidebar or any other location. You can also upload your own logo and favicon, set colors, header, footer etc…

Seriously, if you have a few minutes, take a look at the giant list of features we didn’t cover. It’s absolutely a perfect WordPress LMS theme for schools, educational institutions, or certification programs. This premium theme is by Elite Envato.

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Academy – A WordPress LMS Theme

Academy – Learning Management Theme – is a popular WordPress LMS theme that has been in active development for over two years, giving the developers plenty of time to build and refine this solid foundation for your online learning content. This premium LMS theme  is not just a theme but a leaning management system you can use to share and sell your knowledge online.


Academy - A popular WordPress LMS theme

When it comes to features found in regular WordPress themes, Academy LMS theme certainly isn’t lacking. With a responsive layout to support learners on the go, WooCommerce integration for adding a shopping cart, four custom post types, testimonials, and two image sliders to choose from, there are plenty of possibilities for how your website can be setup to look and function.

What can you do with this LMS theme?

Create courses and lessons

This LMS theme provides  features you need for creating online courses and lessons including: courses (course subscriptions, course certificates, course ratings, course price, students list, student progress, and course statistics), lessons (lesson prerequisites, sample lessons, questions system, quiz system).

feature of Academy lms theme

feature of Academy lms theme


By using the built-in functionality of this theme, you will be able to create online courses, complete with lessons and question and answer sections, with the ability to track student progression through each course.

Students can be awarded course certificates, and each course can be priced individually. The individual lessons that make up the courses can be setup to have prerequisites, while also making use of quizzes and question and answer sections.

User Profiles

feature of Academy lms theme

Another useful feature of Academy, an LMS theme, are handle user roles and registrations. This theme extends default WordPress profiles and it has options for adding new profile fields. Students can upload a profile photo, edit profile fields, add social links. With this LMS theme installed on your website, visitors will be able to register and sign up for a course through the theme front end forms, subscribe to courses, and track their own progress through the courses and course content.


feature of Academy lms theme

Academy theme has a powerful options panel which allows you to easily change the logo, fonts, colors, backgrounds, and slider settings. You can also switch between page layouts, create sidebars, edit contact form fields, and more.

With a large full screen layout, professional design and all the features you would expect from an LMS solution, this great LMS theme is a good all in one package for delivering educational courses online with WordPress.

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Best WordPress LMS Themes

You want to sell online courses. You are building a site for someone who wants to sell online courses. Or, maybe, you are looking for a professional e-learning and course management system. Here’s the best WordPress LMS Themes on the market.

Building a learning management system isn’t a small task and starting with a premium theme is the best way to go. You won’t find a free theme that’s powerful enough to do the job, and while there are free plugins available, the premium LMS themes are inexpensive enough that they’re the most sensible starting point

What is a WordPress LMS theme?

If you’re still trying to figure out what a LMS theme is, just think that it’s as an online education platform where you can deliver online courses for free or for profit. Online course content can be multimedia including video, audio, text, and other downloadables. You can still blog with the theme and build pages as usual, but there are also courses and lessons as their own “custom post type.”

The best WordPress LMS themes in paid

The premium themes below is integrated LMS functionality or take advantage of various free and premium third party LMS plugins for the functionality. These best WordPress LMS themes allow you to build your own website cheaply and easily so you can create and sell online courses or training. They provide the design and facilitate all the functionality you might need such as: easy course and content creation, write lessons, add tests and quizzes, user registration and payments, set lesson and course perquisites, access reports and analytics, award certificates and more.

LMS WordPress Themes – eLearning WP

Best WordPress LMS Themes - eLearning WP
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – eLearning

eLearning WP is one of the best WordPress LMS themes, smart learning management system based on WordPress platform in which courses, lessons, quizzes and questions are easily made and managed. It’s the optimal solution for sell or free courses and share your knowledge.

eLearning WP is designed to be equally simple but no less eye-catching, combined with a set of fantastic features to give users an enjoyable experience. It is using LearnPress – a WordPress LMS plugin developed by ThimPress. This WordPress LMS plugin is built comprehensive, continuously developed and supported while it is free.

More than that, with the supports of WooCommerce, WooCommerce Sales Countdown and compatiable with bbPress Integration – communication forum for courses and BuddyPress Integration- the profile system, LMS WordPress theme – eLearning WP can be a normal shopping cart instead of a learning management system, help you enjoy your learning and amazing blog & timeline is also an ideal place to express yours fellings. Moreover, LMS WordPress theme – eLearning WP supports payment methods such as WePay, Dwolla, Paypal, WooCommerce, Stripe, etc.

A wonderful thing, LMS WordPress theme – eLearning WP allows you variant selection from 8 demos: one course demo, one instructor demo and 5 other demos using for course market. 8 demos is package in box to serve you well in 1 click and your learning management system will have a beutiful interface on any equipment.

Special, eLearning WP is full responsive design, retina ready. And now, you can choose unlimited color, over 600 Google Fonts support, custom audio player and more. You let yourself experience the amazing features of eLearning WP and feel it.

More info/Download | Demo

Educator WP – Learning Management System Theme

One of the best WordPress LMS Themes - Educator
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – Educator

Educator WP combines a gorgeous, minimalistic and content-focused design with a fantastic set of comparably minimalistic features.  It was created specifically for use with Educator, a free WordPress plugin for creating, selling, and managing online courses.

Educator WP is responsive and retina-ready. An extended theme options panel provides plenty of control over colors, typography and more.

More info/download | Demo

LMS Responsive Leaning Management System

One of the best wordpress lms themes - LMS
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – LMS

LMS is a mobile responsive learning management WordPress theme for building a powerful and feature rich learning management system website. The premium theme combines with a number of quality plugins (for the functionality) for a professional LMS for teaching and learning online.

It uses the Sensei plugin for its coursework management, allowing users to create courses, plan and write lessons, and write quizzes for students.

LMS supports WooCommerce and both Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro to help with event organization and management.

More info/Download | Demo

WPLMS Learning Management System

 One of the best wordpress lms themes - WPLMS
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – WPLMS


WPLMS is one of the best WordPress LMS theme for e-learning and course management. Carefully integrated with BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce, the WPLMS theme does all of this while looking fantastic to boot. WPLMS offers plenty of useful information on courses, students, and site performance. It is responsive and Retina ready. You get a drag & drop page builder to plan your content layout. You get custom widgets, sliders, cool animations, and a whole lot more. You can update the theme fast. This premium theme is by an Elite Envato author.

More info/ Download | Demo

Clever Course – Learning Management System Theme

Clever Course  - one of the best wordpress lms themes
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – Clever course

Clever Course is the fourth theme in our the top WordPress LMS themes list has been designed specifically for creating and selling courses. The premium theme can be used for selling courses online as well as offline, onsite courses / training at an establishment. It’s suitable for schools, universities, colleges, and other education facilities. A great looking theme that’s mobile and retina-ready, the theme is highly customizable on the backend with page builder support, unlimited colors, a parallax manager, and lots of shortcodes.

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Guru – Learning Management WordPress Theme

Guru -the best wordpress lms themes
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – Guru

Guru is considered as the top one among the best WordPress LMS themes that combines the features of WordPress and a number of plugins to create a powerful learning management system  that makes teaching and learning online easy for everyone. The premium theme effectively uses WordPress, Sensei, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Event Calendar, WPML, and Mailchimp. Guru has everything you need to manage your courses. You can create courses, manage teacher and user profiles, handle lessons, track course progress, implement quizzes,  and more. Since the theme is optimized for WooCommerxce, you can start charging for your courses right away. The theme does offer quiz grading system and course analytic. It has a mega menu system and a bunch of useful shortcodes. You also get boxed and wide layouts.

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Academy – Learning Management Theme

Academy - one of the best wordpress lms themes
One of the best WordPress LMS Themes – Academy

The Academy Leaning Management Theme for WordPress is not just one of the best WordPress LMS themes you can use to share and sell your knowledge online but it also has a clean and professional design suitable for any type of content or course you want to sell online.

Four custom post types are baked in: Courses, Lessons, Testimonials and Slides.  Extended user profiles allow your visitors to customize their profiles with custom avatars, social links, profile text and course lists.

Unlimited sidebars, a shortcodes editor, share buttons support, and Google Analytics add even more value to this already strong theme.

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EduLMS – WP Learning Management System Theme

EduLMS - one of the best wordpress lms themes
EduLMS – one of the best WordPress LMS Themes

EduLMS has a professional look and can be customized easily from the back-end. You can create an unlimited number of Courses, Lessons, and Topics. There is also an examination system, allowing you to create quizzes and set passing criteria for each. Webmasters can allow their students to download a certificate as soon as they pass a course. EduLMS is highly customizable and RTL ready. It’s integrated with the Slider Revolution plugin. The theme is responsive and has a decent mega menu system. You get various layouts and support for WooCommerce.

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iKnow – Learning Management System WP Theme

iKnow - one of the best wordpress lms themes
iKnow – one of the best WordPress LMS Themes

iKnow is another amazing learning management system wordpress theme in the range of the best WordPress LMS themes, which is perfectly suitable for any kind of Educational projects.

In addition to premium course creation, allows users create instructor profiles, build student profiles, create courses, quizzes and even manage events.   An easy to use admin-based control panel is provided for both teachers and students.

iKnow is mobile-ready, so it’s going to look and work great on a variety of devices, and it’s the included page builder allows site owners to build and edit layouts easily.

iKnow is SEO optimized, translation ready and includes the LayerSlider and MagaMenu plugins free.

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These are maybe not the best WordPress LMS themes for online courses, you can find other designs and functions, but they are the most advanced and the ones that come with all the tools and options you need.

A theme with advanced features and powerful plugins just for websites that connect teachers and students is not an easy task. Why don’t you take a look and try a great theme among these best WordPress LMS themes and see how it works in the live demo?

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Best WordPress LMS Plugins

WordPress has been used for every imaginable website. One type of sites that seems to be popular with WordPress is LMS – Learning Management System.

However, to make your WordPress installation work as a LMS you’ll need to add plugins to give your online course the functionality that students can  learn online and teachers can teach online. Learning Management System can be done easily with a WordPress LMS plugin. The best place to find free best WordPress LMS Plugins is at WordPress.org website.

Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Below are best WordPress LMS Plugins – the best WordPress Learning Management System we found on WordPress Plugins Repositories. These best WordPress LMS plugins give you a look to choose a plugin meeting your requirements.

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

LMS WordPress Plugin - LearnPress
LMS WordPress Plugin – LearnPress

LearnPress is a free WordPress plugin for learning management system built by ThimPress. This WordPress LMS plugin provides an excellent user interface to create a course with options you need. Specially, all the settings for courses in LearnPress are arranged in one-page-interface. You can find it so simple to make a full curriculum layout as well as edit and maintain it. All lessons are controlled in Course. From here, it is very easy to edit or remove a lesson. Lessons also can be quickly re-ordered by drag & drop manager. With the great UX & UI in the backend, teacher/ instructor can easily create and control courses.

LearnPress wordpress lms plugin- curriculum & settings

There are 5 common types of quizzes: Single choice, Multiple choice, True or  False, Sorting choice and Fill in blank. Quizzes can have intro text (such as instructions) as well text to be displayed after results are shown. Quiz questions use an editing box that is similar to the Post and Page editor, where you can enter formatted text, links, images and other files. In Quiz setting, you can set duration for each quiz, how many times students can re-take quiz, show or not show the result of quiz.

learnpress quiz question

It is a big loss if i do not mention about powerful add-ons of LearnPress which make LearnPress become one of the best wordpress lms plugins. LearnPress is supporting a bunch of free and premium add-ons which cost around 150$ if you buy in the market. You can simply turn them on or off depending on your demand. With Stripe and WooCommerce payment methods, you will surely have no payment limitation. And if you are a wordpress developer, LearnPress is an ideal place for you to create your own add-ons which cost you not too much time.

LearnPress- Add-ons

For normal premium wordpress lms plugins, you are eligible of free one-year update and support. However, LearnPress costs you no dollar, you are still reserved to get its whole-life updates and support. For me, it is so incredible to get these advantages.

StudyPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

A plugin should be considered among the best wordpress lms plugins
StudyPress – one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

StudyPress is considered as a wonderful plugin among the best WordPress LMS plugins. This WordPress plugin is an elearning authoring tool. With this plugin you can easily create multimedia learning content and publish it as slides in your wordpress pages and posts. It can manage courses, lessons and quizzes.

With the help of StudyPress, one of the best WordPress LMS plugins,  you can easily turn your WordPress into a powerful learning management system.

Cons: All lessons and quizzes generate WordPress posts. For managing their visibility you can set a password on the generated post. The problem is that you have to go to each course and set for it a password and communicate it to your users. Or you have to install another plugin which manages access to existing posts and pages.

One more thing is this WordPress plugin supports only French and English.

Pros: StudyPress plugin is a creative tool that help you design variety of lessons and tasks in each lesson. Here are some outstanding features of this plugin:

1. Lesson first page (here in full screen. It can be integrated in posts and pages)

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

2. Lesson with a multimedia slide

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

3. Lesson with a video integration

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

4. Quiz first page (here in full screen. It can be integrated in posts and pages)

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

5. Multiple choice questions

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

6. Quiz result for students

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

7. Quiz result details for students

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

8. Results of a quiz for teachers

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

9. Detailed results of a quiz for teachers

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

10. Lesson and quiz ratings (Can be extended for multi criteria ratings)

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

11. Course list

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

12. Add a new course (categories and authors assignment)

StudyPress - one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

StudyPress seems to be the first idea when you’re searching best WordPress LMS plugins because of its content variation.

CoursePress – WordPress LMS Plugin

Another best wordpress lms plugin to turn WordPress into a powerful online learning platform
CoursePress – one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

One of other best WordPress LMS plugins that we can’t forget is CoursePress. It turns WordPress into a powerful online learning platform. Set up online courses by creating learning units with quiz elements, video, audio etc. You can also assess student work, sell your courses and much more.

CoursePress makes it easy to quickly create courses in WordPress and display them from a beautiful interface. It’s the perfect solution for selling and sharing your knowledge.

Cons: CoursePress WordPress plugin is available in free and paid versions, with a limit of two courses and fewer payment gateway options in the free version.

Pros:  CoursePress comes with pretty elements you could imagine to construct a course – ranging from video, audio and downloads to interactive elements like multiple choice, uploads, long form answers, forum style discussions and even live chat intergration right there in your course.

It is really simple to setup an absolutely beautiful course, both in terms of the User Experience (UX) and the font end output. CoursePress allows you to create courses with multiple units. You can have multiple pages and elements within each unit.

When you activate the plugin, you are guided through a helpful getting started experience that’ll have your first course setup in minutes, and then you can either choose to use the bundled theme for a beautiful course or enjoy the fact that, like all WPMU DEV plugins, this works really well with any WordPress theme.

Once you have set up and published your course, test regularly to see what’s working well and what you need to change. Visit your landing page and course pages and try to see it from the viewpoint of an outsider—is UX working well? The good news is that since CoursePress is a WordPress plugin, it won’t be difficult to make quick improvements for better conversions.

Full manual student assessment features mean that you can sell and provide certification for courses online with absolute ease, through WordPress, at no cost to you.

Educator – WordPress LMS Plugin

CoursePress - a powerful plugin in best WordPress LMS Plugins
Educator – one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

Among the best WordPress LMS plugins, Educator is also a good choice. You can use this plugin to offer online courses on your WordPress website.

Cons: This WordPress LMS plugin has limitation of payment gateway options, only course and membership payment type.

Pros:  Educator WP Plugin adds all the online learning features to your website. This not only allows you to create courses, lessons and quizzes, but follows theme development by keeping your website content separated from your website template.

Through the Educator plugin you can also charge for access to your courses using PayPal, cash or check payments. This plugin includes support for adding users to your website as lectures to manage and grade the learning content on your LMS platform.

Students can  sign up and manage their profiles via the font-end forms, with the ability to check their grades online they progress through the courses.

With a clean and clear appearance, backed up by lots of useful online learning related features, Educator WordPress plugin is well worth a closer look.

Namaste! LMS – WordPress LMS Plugin

One of the best  WordPress LMS plugin
Namaste! LMS – one of the best WordPress LMS plugins

Mention to top WordPress LMS Plugins, missing Namaste! LMS is a serious shortcoming. It is learning management system for WordPress which supports unlimited number of courses, lessons, assignments, students etc. You can create various rules for course and lesson access and completeness based on assignment completion, test results, or manual admin approval.

Cons: There are two versions of the plugin: pro version and free version. The pro version is only allowed to be used on one site. And while the pro version looks like a fully featured plugin, the free version is pretty poor and the limitations (and extra expenses) of the pro plugin make it a pretty pricey choice.

Pros: Namaste! lets you assign different user roles to work with the LMS and other roles who will manage it.

Students can earn certificates upon completing courses.

Namaste LMS is a plugin designed to specifically turn WordPress into a LMS, and  it’s got lots of different features.

Assignments are dealt with as a custom post types, and as such fully customizable.

The plugin is set up with a number of different modules, and the pro version includes a range of other different features:

– Create classes and limit access to courses bases on them.

– Assign teachers to the classes to have your team members manage content.

– Delay access to courses and classes.

– Reorder courses and classes.

– Shortcodes to let users sign-up for classes.

– Progress bar shows how users do in each course.

Namaste LMS has its own form and functions compared to above the best WordPress LMS plugins but it gives you a great experiences with online courses.

Which is #1 in Best WordPress LMS Plugins?

In short, these best WordPress LMS plugins are replicating Learning Management Systems. These best WordPress LMS plugins are listed above help you shorten the time to seclect a suitable one. They provide the ability to deliver course instruction through video, grading through quizzes and tests… It’s hard to make a decision which plugin is the winner among these best WordPress LMS plugins, with their experience and range of successful features are released and  it’s no surprise that people are constantly coming up with new ways to make WordPress sites ideal for course delivery. .If you decide to go out on your own, here are a few best WordPress LMS plugins that can help you transform your WordPress install into a powerful eLearning machine!

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